TeamWork by ScheduleSource

TeamWork™ by ScheduleSource provides Workforce Management solutions tailored to modern workforces.

Responsive Design

Today's employees access the web on a variety of devices. The screen size of devices vary from 320x480 pixels (smartphone) to over 1200x1800 (large monitor on desktop). This application is designed to support multiple screen sizes through the use of "responsive design". Put simply, the application will resize, reconfigure, show, hide, and otherwise optimize the content to fit your screen. (To see it work on a desktop, make your browser skinny. It's easy!)

Lighter, Faster

Using Html5 and modern browser features, we can now deliver markup and data independantly and cache these items as needed. This results in much faster performance of the application.

Multiple Languages

Easily configure language and cultural preferences per location or user. Custom terminology support for industry specific terms.